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Respecting Heritage &

Honouring Key Elements


The name “Ayu-mu” (あゆ夢) means walking towards a new beginning.


3 years ago, we started our journey stemming from a fervent respect and desire to share the rich heritage of “edomae” sushi. The name symbolised a fresh start with immense possibilities and was the inspiration of our long-time and dear friend, highly acclaimed Chef Masakazu Ishibashi, affectionately known as “Chef Masa” by his followers in Japan and Asia.


Today, we are extremely privileged and humbled to announce the launch of a new dream with the rebrand to


Sushi Ayumu by Masa Ishibashi

The Best of "Japan" 
Four Seasons


This will be Chef Masa’s second outpost outside of Tokyo, following his successful “Sushi Nanami by Masa Ishibashi” in Taipei.


Chef Masa comes from a family which ran a sushi restaurant in Tochigi prefecture and spent a lot of time behind the counter growing up. 

Many of his followers would have known him as the Executive Chef for Ginza Sushi Ichi Tokyo, Jakarta, Bangkok and Singapore. 


He led its Singapore branch to Michelin 1-star before starting Shoukouwa where he led them as the first “sushiya” in Singapore to earn Michelin 2-stars in their first 2 years of business.  In Nov 2017, he returned to Tokyo with his wife Tomomi to establish Sushi Masa Ishibashi at Ginza, where he has become the latest culinary sensation at the heart of Tokyo’s high end dining scene.


Experience "Omotenashi"


Known for his precision and finesse, Chef Masa will impart his eye for details and dynamism with us through this rebrand.  Together, we will start walking towards a new dream to reflect his vision and interpretation of the perfect sushi “omakase” indulgence, along with our renowned “omotenashi” in a calm and luxurious intimate setting.


We welcome you to embark on a memorable and decadent dining journey with us at “Sushi Ayumu by Masa Ishibashi”.  Looking forward to the pleasure of your next visit very soon.


Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu

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